Katie Jewett

Katie Jewett is a Bay Area science writer, previously at the California Academy of Sciences and now at the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions, where she loves learning something new about our planet every day. Previously, she spent winters in the Colorado Rockies and summers living and working on the water.

Olms are aquatic, cave-dwelling salamanders found beneath the Dinaric Alps of southern and southeastern Europe. Saving Slovenia’s “Human Fish” 12.15.2020 Article - Scientists in this Central European country are leading the charge to understand and protect a charismatic, cave-dwelling salamander—and the subterranean habitats that supply much of the region's drinking water.
Sustainability in Prisons Project cofounder and forest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni lectures inmates about trees. Photograph by Benjamin Drummond. Conservation Meets Corrections 07.26.2017 Article - Prison sustainability programs can bring science to the sentenced and their findings to the world

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